Is NEUROLOGICAL FIP worth starting treatment?

How fast will the neuro sign go away ?

It’s really difficult to answer.

For NEUROLOGICAL FIP, we suggest :

First day, start with 6 mg.
Next increase to 8 mg.
And wait a few days.
If it get fast better, stay by 8 mg.
If it get better but slow, increase after a week to 10 mg.

Is it worth it to start treatment ?

Every Cat is it worth. Most of cats can make it, when parents can handle it.

This is the example of NEUROLOGICAL FIP , check this video :

This case will be get worse soon, or need to stop soon getting worse.

For such example, this cat needs to start as soon as possible.

Some parents might ask whether it will relapse or not ?

Great than there is a little bit hope. The neuro signs can take a while to dissapear, but these attacks must stop im between 1 week. The chance is like every other Cats Chance of relapse.

It depends all on:

1 : right dosage

2 : Reliable daily injection

3 : Gain weight

4 : And bloodwork when he has fip paraneters

If you can not make sure, how can you judge is NEUROLOGICAL FIP or not?

Accoring to our experience, we give you some solution :

#1 : You can use GS to test, inject 1-2 times, if it’s FIP, it will get better, if not, it’s not FIP.

#2 : You can do a spinal cord puncture and have the liquor tested or the cerebral fluid directly Both examinations are very risky and can only be performed under anesthesia and with an MRI cost well over 1000 euros in Europe.

Neurological cats often have good bloodwork. So it is much more complicated to judge if you are treating right or not.

FIP viruses start in brain.They find an early chance to cross Blood brain barrier.And if this happens they exploit and make a lot of damage.So they stay located in brain.Not so much in the body and the bloodwork didn’t show any signs. That’s the really difficult cases. You need to treat blind.

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