B12 by FIP indicated anemic doesn’t help

It should be careful when a cat is anemic use B12.

But most of the countries cat onwers use B12 every time. And didn’t check it carefully.

One parent posted Daily 3 Drops B12, her cat never was anemic.

Some of the countries cat onwers checked B12 with every bloodwork.

And Most after 4 weeks – when started anemic, the B12 is much to high, so they stop.

Some of countries cat owners never test B12, so they use until end of treatment. B12 overdosage can make some bad problem.

It is very diffucult to make a exact conclusion.

All stuties say B12 is not possible to overdosage. But all we know is about humans.

And the parameters we see in some of countries, the bloodwork is often too high

These are the known (human) consequences:

Tremble, Feeling weak, Vomiting and Nausea.

That’s why we said : It should be careful when a cat is anemic use B12.

Dr Pedersen say : B12 by FIP indicated anaemie doesn’t help.

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