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For more information about FIP, you can click on the following link : FIP Q&A

We are a professional manufacturer and producer of GS 441524. we focus on making cheap and effective GS 441524, in order to save more kitten’s life and help more parents who can not afford the 84 days expensive treatment.

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Our SAK team will tell you what you face to and what you need to do, or what will happen during your kitten inject GS.

1 : About the concentration of SAK GS 441524:

SAK II GS 441524 concentration is : 16mg/ml – it used to cure Dry and Wet FIP

SAK III GS 441524 concentration is : 17mg/ml – it used to cure NEUROLOGICAL and OCULAR FIP

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14: Why HNRM and HPLC is the most important parameter for GS powder.

15Why we don’t recommend higher dosage ?

16: What temperature should GS 441524 exist

In order to dissolve GS, HCl is added during the dissolution process, and the Acidity level. pH is : 3.

The treatment should be followed for 12 weeks(84 days), some cat parents stopped treatment at 3 weeks with no problems, but that depends on the cat’s condition.

If all the indicators are normal, we recommend to watch the situation for another 1-2 weeks and then stop the injections.

If the treatment stops too soon or the cat is not in good condition, a relapse may recur.The cats should be monitored 12 weeks after treatment also.

Also pay attention to improve the nutrition of cats most of the parents might be ignoring this aspect : high protein food, in order to enhance the resistance.

Due to the toxicity of the GS compound the cat must take liver protecting drugs and detoxify in time.

Also pay attention to improve the nutrition of cats after stopping the needle, most of the parents might be ignore this details.

What we suggest :

FIP is an emergency disease, parents cannot wait too much time when the FIP starts, because without GS treatment, it is fatal.Cats within 2 years of age have a higher prevalence rate, it’s about : 1%-1.5% ;

And the mortality rate is extremely high.

We suggest you must buy some GS 441524 in advance, in order to prevent the cat from getting sick, and the cats can inject the GS 441524 in time.

Need to pay attention:

Moreover, the toxicity of the GS compound itself needs to protect the liver of the cat when injecting, and it is necessary to protect the liver, the parents must let the cat eat some liver-protecting drugs and detoxify in time.

Highly valuable and recommended is a weekly B12 injection (not the Bvitamin compound but actual B12 which here in the US needs a prescription by a vet!) Once a week should work but the vet can define how often and it is hard to overdose as it just passes the cats system if there is too much.

At the same time, it is necessary to strengthen the nutrition, for example : high protein food, in order to enhance the resistance.