Can FIP cats get pregnant?

After 84 days FIP treatment, we suggest they should have undergone sterilization operation.

Because the mutation can be inheritable.

Brothers and sisters can get it often more.

And cat’s child maybe too.

It’s high risk.

This Operation is very good to do under treatment. we recommend it in the last 4 weeks. when the bloodwork is good and Cat is in stable condition.

Note :

Don’t use “Ketamin” for narcotic. “Ketamin” can cause neurological issues. Cross blood brain barrier. it’s not good with FIP.

If the FIP cat is pregnant during the GS 441524 injection, we don’t suggest this cat keep the child.

We recommend that this cat should have a therapeutic abortion.

The bloodwork might become worse, because a female Body is a miracle.

When it get pregnant the body stops all he decide is not necassary to survive.

All energy goes to the babies to make them growing and healthy.

So : ignore all illness do all for the kids.

So the mother didn’t have energy to correct bloodwork, that’s no necassary for her.