Cat has Typhus during FIP treatment

Typhus is the old name for Parvovirose or Panleukopenie. In Europe, we are currently having massive problems with this virus. It is a bad desease kills a lot young cats.

Feliserin in germany and whole Europe like this to try to handle
The other methods (often in Combination).

Feliserin Plus 10 x 4 ml

Feliserin Plus is a stabilised equine serum with neutralising antibodies against the causative pathogens of panleucopenia and contagious coryza in cats.

If the cat has Typhus, do you think she needs to stop GS treatment?

That’s really difficult. Without GS, the cat dies without a Feliserin also dies. we would still try Feliserin, you have nothing to lose.

If the cat was vaccinated, will it still have Typhus?

Vaccination does not provide 100% protection. An infection can still occur. Probably the FIP also has an influence on the fact that it has become infected despite vaccination.