Higher dose and longer duration of Neurological FIP treatment

Sometimes, after 3-6 month treatment, Neurological FIP cats might still have litte neuro symptoms. If you have such situation, it is not recommended to take higher dose Neurological FIP treatment for a long time.

Because a dosage is over 10 mg and longer duration of Neurological FIP treatment is not good for cat’s liver.

Some Neurological FIP issues maybe can’t be healed. Because the FIP did too much damage in the brain. Some of the cat owners can do with physiotherapy.

Physiotherapy or physiotherapy for animals is a procedure with which health complaints and damage caused by passive – e.g. guided by an animal physiotherapist – or active movements as well as the application of certain stimuli (e.g. warmth, cold) are treated.

For Neurological FIP cats, Is it useful ?

Yes it is. We have a lot of neurological Cats, they can’t move, but this helps. But you need a good trainer, that’s the biggest problem. A Lot of physiotherapist learned by horse. A few have the chance learning with dogs also, But cat is not usual.

You might ask : do you think it’s FIP virus had already been killed?

For Neurological FIP cats, Nobody can’t know this. we all will see in future. But if GS now can’t kill the FIP in the brain, It can’t kill FIP virus anymore.

For Neurological FIP cats, If the FIP virus is still not killed compeleted, it might relapse?

Yes this can happen. But not 100 % sure. For example, after 6 month Neurological FIP treatment, if cat owners still want to continue the treatment, they need the double of last dosage for 8 to 12 weeks again. It’s still a risk, and expensive treatment, and no guarantee.

We have 2 or 3 cats. Parents won’t stop Treatment. Cats have neurological signs. They used 30 mg/kg dosage. Cats healed from FIP but have still a few problems. Cats can’t walk like normal cats. A little bit more stumble. Can’t control urine and feces.

Parents some times can’t decide when it is enough.every life should be respected. But a deadly desease can be stoped and healed. But the cost of treatment, the cats must pay, it also should be in relation with life quality. Nobody knows what cat would say. So parents decide, If this is wrong or right for the cat.

We know It is so diffucult to decide.These Neurological cats healed from FIP. But is the cost of treatment will become expensive. So I think when it is my cat I knew what to do. But we both in an other position. More like an advisor. Pedersen answers a lot of question about Neurological FIP. He wouldn’t advice such a long treatment (more than 6 month), and he also didn’t recommend all neurological FIP cats with using a high dosage treatments.

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