How to deal with pain and fever during injection

Meloxicam is good against pain and fever.

If your cat was painful, you can try to give him Painkiller & Meloxicam.

Meloxicam is the ingredient of the Painkiller. It is used 1 time per 24 hours.

If your cat has fever, you can use :

1 : Meloxicam (1 x in 24 hours).

2 : Synulox

3 : Tolfedine

It is easy. But it reacts with other products. The parents need to know : A vet would ask or know what he gives beside. But the parents didn’t ask.

They try to find the product, or some have it at home, because vets give it with every Operation.

About Fever :

Fever is a good reaction from the body, the cat tries to fight itself. But the parents are afraid, So they stop the fever to much early 38 to 39 degrees is normal. They use a fever killer at 39.2 or 39.6 degrees

Note :

Meloxicam will permanently damage to the liver.

You should only use it against fever.
Or short Times when Cats have pain.
Or after operation.

Meloxicam is often liquid
And used as emulsion
In the package there are different Fluids
You need to shake it very well every time you use it

Next :
It exist in big and small packages
Small often used espacially for Cats (in Germany 3 ml per package)
These small react fast with oxygen contact after you once opened it
Throw away after 14 days after opening

These two faults mostly cause damage in the Cat
And vet often didn’t tell so exactly
Also the usage
1 dosage per 24 hours
And to hold the Medicine mirror exact after 24 hours again
Exact Like GS

A Lot of vet medication need to used with such Rules