How to judge whether FIP is completely cured

You can tell your veterinary should make these two test :

1 : Geriatrisches Profil

2 : Elektrophorese

That’s the Parameters you need to see if FIP is gone.

The “ektrophorese” shows the “A/G Quotient”, that’s the counter between Globuline and albumine.

The Protein values, they both from the reference range one is raised, the other is lowered, the Quotient Shows If it is right time to end treatment.

It is a big Problem in other countries. But we have labs do the bloodwork. That’s known profiles in the labs.

For Parameters, if you come from these countries, you can Tell the vets, they know it :

Other countries often didn’t know this information.

For Elektrophorese
A lot of people and vets didn’t know, bulgaria as example need to send blood to Germany tondo this.
But that’s the best Parameter to see how FIP Status is

And you also need to know these details :

1 : Age

2 : Weight

3 : Dosage

4 : How long of the treatment

5 : FIP type

And weight depends in a lot parameters :

#1 : Age

#2 : Situation at beginning

#3 : Is it a lot of fluid in the belly

#4 : Race

For example : a 1 year cat can’t erase not so much as a cat 6 month.

This is the best Parameter to see how FIP Status is.