If Lymfom can be cured by GS 441524?

No a lymphom is a form of cancer.
Lymph cancer.
It often is a decision between both.
Vet often say: it can be FIP or Lymphom.
Because lymphnodes are swollen by both illness.

FIP can make changes in structure of lymphnodes
Lymphom the cancer also.

A biopsy Shows what it is.

For lymphom you need other stuff than GS
We use ‘Leukeran”Pills against cancer
oral chemotherapy.

Vets can not make sure : FIP or cancer
That’s what we explain : They so often not sure. Some verts would say : Use GS. If it is cancer nothing happens. If it is FIP Cat get better in a few days. So you know the answer.

The gs is only works on virusses because it inhibits! Cancer is not a virus! It is wa wild grow of maligne cells!