Is FIP contagious

FIP is not contagious.

FIP is a mutation of the FELINE corona virus which is highly contagious among felines and wide spread. Some studies indicate about 80% or more of all felines have come in contact with the feline form of the corona virus and test positive. Only a very small percentage of those develop FIP.

Current science says the feline version is not contagious to humans. FIP is a mutation of the virus that starts attacking the cats cells and causes a multitude of issues for the cat. FIP is often a diagnosis of exclusion more than an actual diagnosis. Lately scientists have developed a test that can not only test for the actual corona virus but for the FIP mutation.One of the few forms that can be diagnosed is the wet form where fluids collect in the abdomen or chest cavity and upon extraction show a certain yellowish color and are highly concentrated in protein. This form can be treated at the lowest dose and often is cured if treatment is done rigorously and the mutation caught early due to signs like extended abdomen and / or labored breathing.