Is it legal to buy GS 441524 ?

To tell you the truth, no matter which brand do you use, and no matter where do you come from, and no matter you are parents or breeders or veterinarys , it’s illegal to buy GS 441524.

For some of the country, for exmaple, France or Germany, if the govenment found you bought the GS 441524, your local govenment will arrest or sue you.

If you phuchase GS from China, what you face one big issues is : when you order some GS 441524 from China, some of brand (including the Facebook group admins) do not know how to declare the customs, as a result, they have a lot of issues which came from customs, and customs is part of govenment, we heard such two example:

1) one parent who came from Germany, and the customs of Germany blocked her package, and found it’s uncertified medicine, and this parent was arrested by govenment, she was sentenced to one year.

2) the other parent who came from United States, and he also bought some GS 441524 vials from China, but the CBP organization blocked his package, he will be sued by United States FDA.

In SAK team opinion, we focus on parents and kittens, and stand your position to think about a lot of risk, in conclusion :

SAK team can ship our SAK GS 441524 within country for most of the countries in the world. That way pet parents, who already have enough on their mind with a cat being so sick they worry that they lose them any minute, do not need to worry about any legal or customs or payment issues.