Is it normal problem to loss fur during treatment

Loss fur is also a known problem, more all around the cats, not so “spots” like here

The treatment makes the cat more sensitive for allergical reactions.

Fact #1
A lot have the problem loose fur
The fur is after treatment not good
The longhaired Cats look like a bad hair cut.

Fact #2
In bloodwork the “Eosinophile” very often high
Some of brands nearly all Cats
For SAK, when the parents give under treatment stuff to “discharge toxins” not so much.

The Eosinophile are a sign of Worms and parasites.
And (a lot of parents and vets didn’t know) allergical reactions.

And allergical reaction happens when intestine is not good or full with Bad stuff.

So logical consequences:
A Cat with FIP had intestinale problems.
And GS causes a high voltage of toxic stuff in the cat.

So it can be a problem with FIP + treatment.

we would like to use “Zeolith”
That’s a Clay “Healing earth”
And it help to get toxic stuff outside the Body.
All Cats we give “Zeolith” under treatment have less Eosinophile.

About the dosage of “Zeolith” powder is :

Start very small
1 Knife point
Than every day a bit more
Up to 1/4 to 1/2 Tea spoon
Observe feces it helps also against diarrhea
These cats often can use 1/2 teaspoone
When the feces very hard by start these cats are satisfied with 1/4 teaspoon.

And “Zeolith” need 2 hours distance to other medicine. For example :

When you need Cortison or antibiotic or other things.
Give medicine and wait 2 hours to give “Zeolith”.
Or give “Zeolith” and wait 2 hours to give medicine.

Zeolith didn’t make a difference between good or bad. It takes Pollutants that are in the intestine out of the body.

But some other vets might say : for this situation, i will not do anything, only good nutrition. All other things not necassary.

Nearly a half of the parents at end bloodwork, but someone will say : make a Feces profile. Because the Eosinophile are too high, but 90 % of that are negative.