Is it normal vomiting or nausea?

Yes,it will happens, some of them might happen, but not all.

But some cats also like treatment.

The reason might be because of FIP.

It is only a reference point.Halftime Treatment.

Some cats eat until end not very well. But the most of cats start to eat again.

“Loosing Sense to smell”. This is the only we think it can because of treatment.

This happens after a few weeks and we have cats eating well and than: it seems they are hungry, go themselves to eat and than stop.

The parents might change food to bad sort cheap food.

They use a Lot of fragrances and this food smells more, so cats eat.

Also normal with fip (or under treatment).

A lot of cats it seems loose their Sense of smell and didn’t like to eat.

Went to food and look and go away.

And when they eat they vomit or have nausea.

How to resolve :

1 : you can give “Ulmenrinde”.

2 : Or homoepatic.

3 : Or Maropitantum (ut Maropitanti citras monohydricum).

A cat must eat very often. 12 hours without are a long time. In natural they eat the whole day only a few bits. It is really bad for them to starve.

So If cat didn’t like to eat, parent must start Force-feeding.

Vet have Fluid food for such situations. In Germany a Lot of stuff called “Reconvales”.

Fluid food meat in Fluid with all stuff Cat need. So you need to give 15 or 30 ml depends on product. With a syringe into the Cat. And it had all Cat need. This can be done a few days.

Be careful.

When cat didn’t eat a longer time it began to use fat from liver, and then liver was dying.

This is why it is so necassary to know. Cat need food. Never let Cat be hungry 24 days.

And because cats so complicated

Parents and vets give a lot of stuff to safe the cats when they hear: this is FIP.

FIP itself make damages at all intestinale in the cat.

And than the cat didn’t eat well.

So a cycle begin.

And this alone can be complicated.

So after that all the parent begin to inject.

Bad medicine and – that’s a big problem.

Parent had stress.

This alone is often for a cat a reason to vomit.