The cat is jaundiced from head to toe it urinates flashy yellow-fluorescent and it has an ear infection and the liquid that drips from the ear is also flashy-yellow fluorescent.

Yellow colour or Fluid often a liver Problem, this is very bad sign.

You also need to check the bloodwork.

The FIP like to damage the internal organs, Kidney, liver or others.

If this happens the parent must also support these : For liver a strong Support with “silymarin and S-adenosylmethionine”

Yellow is in the most cases liver. And the liver is nearly dead when the colour appears outside. It need really fast reaction. Liver can repair itself but not without help

Most cats dies a few days later because liver fails.

There are some other possibilities to get yellow. But when the cat has FIP. And it is dry, than it is 99 % Bad liver damage.

We suggest you can do a Ultrasonic and a geriatric bloodwork to see how bad it really is.

Sometimes, the cat might start urinating under her without noticing.

The signs really often seen by neuro cats.

But under FIP the intestinale is also damaged sometimes.

when it didn’t dissapear i would make a Ultrasonic, to see if there is all ok.