SAK GS injection video – Treat FIP – with SubQ injections of GS 441524

If you have a cat that has been diagnosed with any form of FIP, a new experimental treatment is now available, that currently a lot of people are not aware of. Go on Facebook (current in summer 2020, this might change as things progress) and find the FIP help groups. Our cat Trinket was diagnosed with wet FIP. She is our 3rd cat that has to battle through this in 2020 (all our cats are FeLV rescues and prone to more health issues). This video is about Trinkets daily injection of the new medication and what we learned was important as we continuously learned from previous mistakes made by us and others.

Facebook has a variety of closed and open groups that help with FIP and they helped us learn, how to do the treatment as well as understanding what we need to be cautious about during treatment.
1) We strongly recommend to first find help like one of the groups below before you order any medication.
2) Different companies offer different versions of the medication. It is IMPERATIVE to first understand which form of FIP your cat has and what the overall condition is to determine which version of the medication available and which treatment plan will give you the greatest chance of success.
3) Time is of the essence. FIP is a fast progressing disease. You should not wait for medication to arrive in a mail order from out of state if you order directly from a company. Currently most these Facebook groups have resources that can set you up faster and put you on the right track plus providing support in many different languages and support you emotionally as well as this will most likely be a fierce battle for both you and your cat.
4) You will need supplies and depending on your location those supplies might take some time to get to you or are not readily available. Your veterinarian might be able to help you and the Facebook groups often have similar support systems.
5) This treatment is currently still pricey but there are many options of different medications at different prices. And you can always ask for support from others with a fund raiser or free supplies of previous warriors – in a “what goes around comes around” spirit many parents can share supplies they don’t need anymore.
6) If you are new to needles and syringes and subQ injections we hope you find this video helpful. GS is a fairly high viscosity fluid (think honey and the opposite would be a low viscosity fluid like water) and hence it is important you understand a little bit about needles (and the dosage for your cat of course!). You also need to dispose of the sharps properly.

As for the actual injections:
We currently use low restrain with Trinket and I can do the shots alone.
There are cats that need to be restrained and doing the shot with 2 people makes it a lot easier. One who can restrain the cat and one who gives the shots. Distracting with a treat works well for some too. Good luck in your fight.