The cat gets FIP after giving birth

If the cat gets FIP after giving birth, can the mother be treated while she is nursing or should she be separated from the kittens because GS could be dangerous for them?

This is a diffucult question to answer.

They have a mother high pregnant with fip diagnostic

And they treat, let the kitten be born and let feed by mother all within treatment

According to our experience, there is no risk about FIP but there is maybe a risk because of Side effect from GS therapy.

It is a question with two sides. Kitten need the mother
6 to 8 weeks breeder say, let’s say 12 weeks.

It is so much important for their growing up.

The breeders also give mothers and Kitten really early antibiotics and deworming.

This is also not really healthy and with risks.

So the answer is : Yes and No

A helthy but physical ill Kitten is also a risk.

It’s a question with no right answer.