What is Dry and Wet FIP

Two Forms of FIP

  • Wet (effusive): The wet form of FIP results in fluid accumulation in body cavities such as the abdomen and chest. It causes abdominal distension and/or difficulty breathing. This fluid is often a yellow color.
  • Dry (non-effusive): In the dry form of FIP, inflamed lesions are found throughout the cat’s body, including the eyes, kidneys, liver, and nervous system. Symptoms depend on which organ is most affected by disease.

Signs & Symptoms

There are no symptoms unique to FIP. However, in either form of FIP, cats commonly show vague symptoms such as:

  • Loss of appetite
  • Weight loss
  • Lethargy
  • Fluctuating fever that is not responsive to antibiotics

The dose of Dry and Wet FIP : 0.3ml/kg/24hours,

We don’t suggest you inject too much or too few :

If the dose is too much high, it will hurt the cat’s liver badly, and this liver damage is irreversible.

If the dose is too few, the FIP virus can not kill compeletly, and it will be easy to relapse after 84 days treatment, or it will be worse during the treatment (For example : fever, increased ascites, and so on)

According to DR. PEDERSEN laboratory research, the actural chance of survival is about : 90%