Brown eyes, that’s a sign of ocular FIP

The ocular involvement is often only a side effect of dry FIP.

So fever can be a sign, but it must not.

Be careful: it is difficult
If you see such color change
the parents should go to a good vet, a clinic
They have the necessary instruments to take a look
A picture sometimes is difficult to analyse

When it is ocular involvement they must erase dosage to 8 mg.

If the cat’s eye has an injury, the cornea is damaged then blood vessels automatically shoot into the eye to form and repair cells in the damaged area.

This is often the case at the beginning of ocular involvement in FIP.

However, it is not blood vessels but bleeding.

As a result of the inflammation, white blood cells and fibrin enter the eye chamber and are stored there.

The eye appears cloudy like a fogged window

The technical terms for this are:

1) : iritis with Color change

2) : Fibrin accumulation in the anterior chamber

3) : Corneal precipitates

4) : bleeding in the anterior chamber

5) : cuff-like blurred extension of the Retinal vessels