What temperature should GS 441524 exist

We recommend you can store the GS vials in the refrigerator with 2-8 celsius.

And you also can put them with the room temperature. Room temperature is about 25 degrees Celsius.

The shelf life of GS 441524 is : 2 years.

If the vials are opened, please put the vials inside the refrigerator with 2-8 celsius, and it can be stored for 6 months.

We’ve tested the temperature range that GS 441524 can withstand during transportation.

we tested the temperature before : 80 celsius, the liquid turns a little yellow, but it still can work well, we can not increase the temperature more than 80 celcius, because if the temperature is too high, The glass bottle is easily damaged.

Normally, as long as you are not deliberately changing the temperature, for most of situation, the GS 441524 will not have issue, no matter it’s in the car or in the room temperature or inside the refrigerator.

As long as the temperature is not too high(for example : 100 celsius), it will not damage the chemical composition of GS 441524.