What the formula of GS441524 is?

This is GS441524 formula (16mg/ml)

Dissolve 16 g of GS with concentrated hydrochloric acid to adjust the PH value, and dissolve it in a mixed solvent consisting of 50ml pharmaceutical grade absolute ethanol, 300ml pharmaceutical grade propylene glycol, 450ml pharmaceutical grade peg400, 200ml sterile water.

16mg/ml = 16g/(50 ml+300 ml+450ml+200ml)

This is the correct formula, and it’s unique formula, if you want to produce the 17mg/ml or 20mg/ml, you just need to add more GS 441524 powder.

Some of expensive brand or some of admins will tell you : hey, expensive GS 441524 is good quality.

But as a professional and responsible and honest manufacturer and producer of GS 441524, SAK team can tell you such truth :

1 : All GS 441524 BRAND IS THE SAME



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Let me tell you some other truth once again.

1: each admins represent one or two brands, after each vial they sell, they will receive big profit from the brand, if you don’t use their brand, they will tell you : Euthanasia is the best and cheapest way for you

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3: Most of the admins will tell you that they help you is not for money. yes, this is true, the purpose of helping you is not for earning your money, so they will not accept your money from your bank account, they don’t want to get trouble when your kitty die from the GS 441524 brand which he/she recommend, but they will accept/receive the profit/reward from GS 441524 brand/reseller, normally, each vial, they can get such reward : $40, some of expensive brand ($380), the admins will receive the profit is more than : $100/vial.

In conclusion : You should know now why the admins highly recommended you to buy/order more expensive ($120/vial、$150/vial or $380/vial) GS441524 brand, and did not recommend cheap GS 441524 brand ?

This is GS 441524 powder