When to start GS 441524 capsule treatment

For most of the time, we don’t suggest you use GS 441524 capsules treatment for 84 days. Normally, we recommend that you should start GS injection treatment for at least 42 days.

Due to GS 441524 capsules are hard to be absorbed in the cat’s stomach, it will cause the cats are more easy to relapse.

So when to start GS 441524 capsule treatment?

The cat should be at a stable point. At start they often didn’t eat or have fluffy, or fever. These all must gone. Espacially good eating is necessary.

It depends on situation of the cats. We saw some of cats never have fever and never stop eating. But only a few. When the FIP diagnostic is really fast and bloodwork isn’t too bad than you can start early. But when you See a bloodwork and think : this cat is alive, than start with injections.

According to our experience, we should see three factors :

1 : Fever

2 : Eating

3 : Bloodwork

If everything goes well, the cat can start to use capsules.

At last the physical situation parent see. Eating is the most important feature. When the cat eats good, it’s hungry and didn’t vomit.