Why did the wound occur during the injection

This situation will happen in All brands.

Sometimes when they inject and some fluid runs out, the parents need to wash it from skin and fur.

Other reason:
They need to use fresh needle
One to get GS in syringe
And a new for injection

If they need to inject more than one time (Cat react and move) Change the needle.

Desinfection before and after injection also an important thing.

And Last:
Sometimes the parents are afraid and didn’t inject deep enough.

So they inject under the skin. And the GS hurt the skin from inside.

These issues, we have seen with all brands. SAK the lastest batches(new ph value) was much better.

We try to explain:
Injection in Body
We and cats have several skin Lasers
And behind that Layer of fat
By injection you need to penetrate all Skin layers and inject into fat layer
And you need to inject
vertically into the tent not at an angle.

When they are afraid they often penetrate all skin layers, fat layer and on the other side skin layers again and needle came nearly outside again on other Side of tent.

So how to handle the wound?

we suggest :

Kolloidales silver.
Manuka honey.
wound Protection.
we suggest the parent need to be careful that cat doesn’t lick.