Why HNRM and HPLC is the most important parameter for GS powder.

Dear cat owners;

As a manufacturer, why we say HNRM and HPLC is the most important parameter for GS powder.

1 : GS powder is very difficult to produce. how difficult it is? let’s take an example : 700kg raw of material might only get a few grams GS powder. and it’s a long time to get the result. sometimes, the purity might not enough, it will bring a lot of Impurities, if you are a producer, you must check the HNRM and HPLC, they are important index for the GS powder, if you are a reseller, you will ignore this important parameter, because they don’t know how to read it. If HNRM and HPLC is correct, and enough concentration, that means this batch of GS is good.

2 : due to GS is very difficult to produce, it will cause some resellers are urgent to ship the vials. GS has huge demand and huge profit, a lot of sellers will ignore the HNRM and HPLC, why we say such like this? according to HNRM and HPLC, it’s very easy to produce some GS powder which is not enough concentraion, that means : the GS powder might have a lot of other impurities, even though it’s still GS powder, but the purity is not high , when such situation happens, the GS injects in the cat’s body, it will cause the GS can not kill FIP virus compeletely. that’s why you saw : after 84 days treatment, the cats might relapse easily.

As a manufacturer, HNRM and HPLC is the most important parameter.

For a reseller, they think the huge demand and profit is the most important thing.

that’s why you can see : a lot of old brands are disappeared, and a lot of new brands are come out.

It will continue to happen such situation. because GS is so much easy to happen issues, if you don’t check HNRM and HPLC carefully.

Best regards.