Why the index of Titer is abnormal

In the blood results, Titer is higher/lower then the beginining of treatment, is it normal?

It is the Corona Titer, not FIP.
And when Titer is high. we say it is one of a Lot FIP signs. But it say nothing you can trust : After Treatment the Titer (when it is in bloodwork) is often higher than normal. It decrease slow.

You don’t and must not do anything. It is only a titer, very confused Titer. Nobody can explain what he do when FIP is breaking Out.

There are some different kinds of Corona Titer. A Cat with Corona and No Titer.

#1 : Cat with little Titer
#2 : Cat with high Titer
#3 : High Titer with Protein abnormalities in blood are a sign for fip