Why the temperature of cat is low

If the temperature of cats is low. cat must immediately in hospital and all must done to get it stable.

We didn’t know why this happens a few Times. Often because FIP is in the brain and the hot cold parameters in brain are Not able to hold temperature. This is fatal symptom.

The temperature must go Higher. Heat the Cat slowly

Low temperature is is not good symptom. If the cat’s temperature is under 37 degerees, parents should ask the vet for help.

For example : when the temperature is 35 degerees, it is much too low, the cat’s body will stop at that all work.

Why happpen such situation ?

It’s difficult to explain why happen such situation. It comes from the body / brain. At this Point the FIP virus is over blood brain barrier.

What we suggest ?

The parents must act very fast , put Cat in a warm space and vet help with Infusion, so that cat can be healed; if it’s too slow, cats might be in danger..

cats need to get body warm. And normal help with Infusion.