Why we don’t recommend higher dosage ?

Dear cat owner;

During these days, some parents asked us the same question, why some of brands started to recommend a higher dosage ?
First, we must tell you that SAK team doesn’t recommend that you use such high dosage : 15mg/kg or 20 mg/kg, if the GS powder has high purity.

As a manufacturer, SAK will try to explain some details about what we know.

1 : Due to the toxicity of the GS compound itself, too much high dosage will hurt the cat’s liver and kidney.

2 : As a manufacturer, it’s very important to test HNRM and HPLC after they finish the production of GS powder, if the purity of GS powder is too much low, it will happen these situations :

1): relapse

2): longer treatment

3) : higher dosage

If this happens, the cost of treatment will increase a lot.
This is why we say, for resellers brand, they may not know how to test or how to see HNRM & HPLC; but for manufacturer, they should and they must test HNRM & HPLC, in order to see the purity of GS powder.
High purity of GS powder doesn’t need higher dosage, please remember it.
Best wishes.
SAK team.